Hape Toys 
Hape toys are designed first and foremost for children. Each product is developed to enhance a child’s developmental skills. Hape believes that the future begins and belongs to our children. It is our duty to leave them with infinite possibilities, not unsolvable problems. Hape toys are created to inspire play, learning, and exploration of the world we live in; through responsible business practices we aspire to leave the world in a better condition than when we received it. All Hape products meet, and more often exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety.

Baby Einstein Hape Toys
Baby Einstein, as a part of Hape Group, creates high-quality baby and toddler toys that encourage curiosity through genuine open-ended play. Using traditional and modern materials harmonized with technologyBaby Einstein creates a line of toys that are beautiful in their design and genius in their simplicity. Baby Einstein and Hape combines the advantages from two parties to deliver something different than what we have now.
PolyM Toys
Originally built by a father – Anton Meyer, German engineer, Founder of PolyM  – for his beloved daughters, it is fitting that the PolyM building bricks reach new generations with each passing decade. Based on classic construction and building bricks, a number of new creative sets have been developed that will help children maximize their potential and stoke their imaginations as they explore PolyM ’s endless possibilities.These building bricks are manufactured in Germany, in accordance with the international standards of safety, and are regularly tested by independent testing institutes. Features: made in Germany, flexible material with rounded edges, machine washable, durable, little noise, suitable for bath tubs and pools