Top 5 Educational Toys for your Child's Cognitive Development

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Do you know how important the first few years of your child’s life are? Experts, doctors, scientists and teachers have all always stressed on implementing the best activities in a child’s early years. This is the point in life when the cognitive skills can be developed in the fastest of speeds and will give best outcomes in future years too.

Children are unsurprisingly very curious at all times. It is beneficial if this nature is adapted and channelized for improving cognitive development. Cognitive development includes skills such as information capturing, information processing, expression of thoughts/answers and information storage (memory).

Cheza Plus brings to you a range of toys/activity sets, specially designed for cognitive skills, for all ages up to toddlers.

  1. Chunky Alphabet Puzzle – Not only will your child learn the alphabets, but will also learn the order and shapes related to them. By placing the alphabets in the correct corresponding sections, a sense of alignment, fitting and size is also brought in.
  2. Chunky Number Math Puzzle – Numbers are almost as essential as air today! And your child deserves the best methods to learn them. Our math puzzle includes shape learning, arithmetic and size recognition as well.
  3. Solar System Puzzle – The huge solar system can be difficult to explain verbally or through books. This puzzle is sure to open some solar system secrets for your toddler.
  4. Optical Science Lab – Science can be intriguing, even at young ages. So why not make it interactive? Early physics for your toddler will assist in building memory and processing information.
  5. Magnet Science Lab – Here is another science splendor for your child. Let them explore how magnets work on their own. This self learning kit will easily teach your child so many concepts.

Cognitive cells grow at unimaginable rates when the child is in the first years of his life. It is important to provide him/her with an environment that can take full advantage of this fact. Hop on to Cheza Plus and find a great collection to assist you here!